EMDR Counselling

EMDR is a psychological treatment used for processing distressing issues it is widely used for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and traumatic memories.

Sometimes it is clear that a traumatic event has been the start of someone’s troubles. But sometimes the traumatic event is not clear, or it is several smaller events. A person who has been traumatised is likely to feel hypervigilant, alert to the possibility of danger all the time. They often try not to think about the trauma, and may avoid things or places that remind them of it.

A disturbing event is usually processed by our minds and over time will become something that happened in the past. But sometimes the event gets ‘locked into’ the memory, complete with the original images, thoughts, feelings and sensations. EMDR stimulates the brain to work through these blocked memories. When they have been processed, they lose their power to distress becoming more distant and all symptoms ease.

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